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Friday, June 26, 2009

A writer friend was saying something that made me realize part of my struggle with this WIP is probably due to voice. It's third person, which is something I've had to work at in the past anyway, but it's not the close third person of Night Road. It's not omniscient, either. It's just that the reader and I necessarily have to know or understand some things the MC doesn't--even more than usual. I sometimes say things about him, or explain things he wouldn't bother thinking about enough to put into words. So this voice is a stretch for me, on top of all the other stuff that's a stretch.

But anyway, I was pleased to find that quote yesterday, because I've been trying to find something--a word or phrase or, best of all, title--that pulls the book into focus for me. The quote is worded different ways, depending on where you look, but basically it says that reason lies between bridle and spur. It could very well be that this will help me rewrite my ending, when I get to it. It could be one of those thematic things you need in your head, to pull a book into shape. But we'll see. I know I can't use it in the title, because everyone will think the book is about horses and riding.

And I still don't have a title. Wish I did.

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