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Monday, March 16, 2009

Yesterday I worked on one of the bits that is blurry in my mind and made it less blurry. Today I only have a few minutes to write (although I might get in a little more time tonight), so I split my very vague outline/list up so that each item sits where it will go in the ms, among the bits and pieces of that item that I already have written out. It looks like the cumulative effect of this sort of work will be that I am able to wrap my mind around the first 60 pages (we'll say it's 60, although I have no idea how many it will really be), both as a whole and in parts. I need to be able to do that, to be able to say "This chapter is where X happens," as well as "This chapter is where character Y feels/does/chooses/understands Z." I just need to, for the book to come together.

Right now I'm looking at a part that is three items long, and am unclear whether it is really three chapters or scenes, or whether any of the items are really only a paragraph or two mixed in with the other stuff. I'll have to think about what each piece means and what it does, not from a plot pov so much as what it means to the MC.

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