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Saturday, March 28, 2009

So I've been working on this transitional chapter for a couple of days, and I've thought about so much and tried to figure out so much that I'm overwhelmed and confused about what's in it and what's not, what's been said and what's not. I can't just sit down and dive back into it because my mind's been juggling so many things that I don't know where I am. Well, technically I know where I am; I'm between point A and point B, having gone through subpoints C, D, and E. But I don't know what I've established or what the general mood is, for the characters or reader. So I decided I'd better change font, print out, and try to get a feel for my position.

And then when I actually looked at the ms, it turns out that two days of labor have produced just under two pages of ms (single-spaced), around 1000 words. I feel like I've written a ten-page tome in that time. I was thinking I might even need a chapter break, it was getting so long; that's one reason I decided to re-font, print and read, was so I could see where a good stopping place might be.

Now I'm afraid to look at it, because two pages should not be that big of a deal, transition-wise. It's almost nothing. Pacing should not be a problem. My dog could make this sprightly and readable.

But what if it's a total mess? What if these two wee pages are murky and confusing and a complete loss of two day's work that leave me in even worse shape than I was when I started them? That's why I don't want to look.

But I'm gonna. Yeesh.

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