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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Continued working where I left off yesterday. It's part of the same scene, and takes place over seconds and minutes, but it's the kind of thing where everything is changing over those seconds and minutes, and I have to figure out exactly what it means to all concerned. It's fun, and it's involving. Hate to quit for other stuff, but must.

It's weird how a few seconds, in a book, can turn to paragraphs or even pages, while days, years, lifetimes, can be covered in a line, a word, or just a break with white space. I don't know that you can stretch a movie scene out as long as in a book; time is time in a movie, and after you do slow motion, what can you do to stretch a moment out?

Oh. Am thinking of Braveheart. I guess you cut to other things. There's lots of slo-mo in that movie; for example when violence is being done you see the attack coming in in a long shot, then you see the attackee's facial expression, then the attacker's facial expression, then maybe a closeup of the weapon coming around, then maybe another long shot, and so on till maybe there's a slo-mo closeup of something hitting the ground, like a body part or some symbolic something. And that's essentially the same thing you do in a book. Huh.

Had a terrible thought that I know better than to have: Maybe I could get enough of this ms to sell as a partial, and get some money. I know better than to even allow this idea space inside my head. Many times I have sent something out before it is ready, and gotten my @ss kicked for it. I have tried to sell this ms as a partial, and gotten my @ss kicked for it in what amounted to long and painful torture. I'm like a dog that can't learn not to pee on the rug even though peeing on the rug always ends--very best case--in a newspaper to the nose. I'm like, "Peeing on the rug would feel so great. Surely this time I'll get a pat on the head and a dog treat for it!"

Never. Send. Anything. Out. Till. It's. Done. And when you think it's done, it's not. You're just deluding yourself--but never fear, the Big Stick of Reality will come knock some sense into you by bludgeoning you with your own stupidity.

Now. Forget: horrible carriage accidents, mangled bodies, raging desire for revenge. Think: fractions with like denominators, least common multiples, area and circumference.

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