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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I really hate transitions. I hate having to tack together all the stuff I actually enjoyed doing. I can spend a full day on a line or paragraph, just getting the MC out of a car and to the front door of his house. It doesn't come naturally to me. It's hard work.

So today I'm looking at how to pull together this first 40 or so pages (single spaced) that I have right now. There are chunks missing, and I'm looking at one missing chunk and literally squirming in my seat, irritated and bored just thinking about how I have to do it. It ought to be easy. All I need is dialogue where the characters decide to do something. I can even get in some backstory very naturally. But I'm looking at it, and it's like, bleh, patooey! I'll have to force myself to do it.

But I may not just yet. I've always hated transitions, and always had to force myself through them. But what if this time the transition doesn't need to be done that way? How am I supposed to know if it doesn't feel good to write because it's hard for me, or if it doesn't feel good to write because it doesn't need to be there in the first place?

I know something needs to be there. Plotwise, this seems logical and simple. It probably is logical and simple. And another problem may be that there's an adult in it. Adults bore me; I don't like writing them. This is the dad, and I don't mind later when he's being humiliated and run over and killed, because that's not boring. But him just sitting there talking, that's excruciating. Bleh, blech, patooey.

I think I may see if there's something else to hook together. I hope so.

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