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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spent some time this morning basking in the glow of some excellent news from a writer friend. It was time very well spent. There is nothing like seeing a ms I love get the love from someplace else, especially when the writer has persisted over years, through all kinds of ups and downs, down to that bare-bones bottom line: this is something I feel deeply about; this is something I am whole-heartedly committed to, no matter what.

In a way, I like basking in other people's excellent news better than my own, because when I get good news I automatically start looking over my shoulder, waiting for the smackdown. The universe does not like me to ride too high, and I know it. But with other people's good news, I can just be whole-heartedly committed to happiness.

So anyway, after a good amount of basking, I managed to get a wee bit done on my WIP, easing my way back into it a little. I rewrote some stuff I had, putting myself more in scene, getting into it more, so I think it's a good start. There will probably not be much writing time tomorrow, but there ought to be a little, and then maybe Thursday I can really get into it mentally, because I think there may be a big chunk of time on Thurs. We'll see if I can make that time count or not--I'd love to milk every moment for all it's worth--but who knows if the writing gods will cooperate.

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