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Monday, August 10, 2009

Yesterday I worked on the w-f-h sample and had great fun with it. Then I switched to the former GN and had a good time with that, too.

Then today I pulled up the w-f-h sample and tried to continue, but what was fun yesterday seemed silly today. I think it'll be okay, though--I probably just need to be in the proper frame of mind to work on it. Maybe a day off, a day on.

The former GN--I dunno. I worked on that all today. I think I need to wrap my mind around the whole ms as a unit so I can knit all the parts together and keep them heading toward one goal. And I'm thinking the theme is what I need, in order to do the knitting.

I have a lot of things on my mind while writing this, and they shift around. But some of them are: choices, risk, cost, fate. For example, when is it worth the risk to make a try for happiness? I think the answer may seem different depending on whether you're looking ahead to make the choice, or looking back after you know what the fallout was.

Is it worth it to take action in pursuit of freedom, if your own life is at stake? What about other people's lives? What if their lives are only risked by the choices they make as a result of your action?

Who is the better person, the one who accepts an unpleasant destiny and makes no fuss? The one who maintains hope that destiny can be changed? The one who fights fate, even knowing fully that failure lies in the end?

All of the above is way too much for me to hold in my head. I'd need to work it down to one strong idea, to be able to use it as a tool to knit my book together. And I don't know yet if this general train of thought is the proper thematic glue, or if it's just the usual dips and dabs of stuff I like to think about and explore in writing a book.

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