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Monday, August 24, 2009

Today, started a new writing schedule--not sure how it'll work itself out yet, except that on Mondays I'll be in the library at the local junior college working on son #2's laptop. That means no internet and nothing to do for four hours but sit there at a study carrel and write. I didn't realize how long four hours is when you don't stop to check e-mail or go get a Diet Pepsi. And I'm not sure how it'll go when my WIP starts causing trouble and refusing to cooperate for that long a stretch. But boy, I got quite a bit done today. Of course, then I spent much cranky time trying to figure out stupid PC crap--okay, let me reword that: I spent much cranky time trying to work out the problems caused by transitioning from Mac to PC and back again. But once I get that down, I think it might go well.

I am writing closer and closer to the big blank spot in the middle. I expect to avoid it until avoidance is no longer physically possible--I'll skip it and write everything after it if I need to--unless inspiration strikes and I feel compelled to dabble with it.

The reason it's blank is that there's a lot of stuff happening, and it's mostly a combination of plot needs with severe emotional digging, blech. Like the mom has to die, and the sister has to leave and the brothers leave. I don't know how to organize all that so that it's not an avalanche of maudlin scenes that are so rushed as to be unbelievable. But really, I just need to get rid of everyone so I can move on with the parts that I'm more interested in right now.

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