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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I know I need to finish up this w-f-h sample, so I spent some time today thinking about how to approach it via the bigger picture. I think before I try to pull the sample chapter into shape (I read over what I have, and don't like it) I'm going to make a general outline so I can see more exactly what scenes need to happen over the course of the story.

I don't know what to say or not say blogwise about this project. I'm only auditioning for it, and don't know what the publisher has in mind as far as how they want to present it after it's done. But, you know, it's writing, and the sample is what I'm working on, and I expect to learn from it whether I end up writing the whole thing or not. So I guess I'll just try to be discreetly vague, and then if I don't get hired I'll be done thinking about it anyway.

So I'm thinking that what I'd want to do if I wrote this book is to really focus on chapter hooks, and experiment to see how tight and quick I could get the pacing and readability, while also touching on a theme about people, especially girls, defining themselves by their friends and boyfriends. The object would be to strongly grounded in plot (by chapter and scene rather than by a vague idea of what needs to happen)*, but with a very simple theme and character arc. Nothing too complicated. I thought I could write this way (plot-first, hook-driven, outlined) in the swordfighting ms, but it just didn't work. With this ms, I'd like to try again. So that's what I want to keep in mind as I sort out a general outline, then try to shape up the sample chapter.

*I am fascinated by straightforward, unashamedly plot-driven books (ex. Alex Rider), and would like to be able to write one. So far, no go--it's been beyond my capabilities.

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