The reasons for this blog: 1. To provide basic author information for students, teachers, librarians, etc. (Please see sidebar) 2. I think out loud a lot as I work through writing projects, and I'm trying to dump most of those thoughts here rather than on my friends.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Yesterday, did a second draft of the essay I've been working on. Today I cut some of the boring stuff in the former GN, and pulled that part together a little bit tighter. I think it's past page 30 now, and I'm wondering if that's too long to wait before the story really starts happening. The tension from the sex and violence at the beginning will pull the reader along for a while, but I'm not sure how long exactly. Well, that depends on the reader, obviously, so I guess the question is how far would it pull me along? No answer is forthcoming because I'm smack dab in the middle of it and working blind. The only thing to do is hope it doesn't suck and keep at it.

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