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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Barely did any writing yesterday--just enough so I could say I did. It doesn't feel right, and I was thinking about the ms last night and realized that in spite of all my blather about not having transitions, that's exactly what I've been wrestling with the past few days. So of course it doesn't feel right; I'm pushing it in the wrong direction, I'm doing the same old sh*t I always do. So today I thought some more and decided I've got to back up and simplify, simplify, simplify.

I'm going to cut the earlier sections up smaller than they are; I've got too many concepts I'm trying to shovel in here so my "chapters" are turning into regular novel chapters that run on and on. I can't always get each page standing completely alone by itself, but I've got to stay very light, clean, and simple. I want the reader to be able to look at this the same way they can look at red or black figure vases and see a series of strong concepts, clean lines, precise details, simplicity.

I am pretty annoyed with myself for projecting my thoughtless habits onto this ms, like I'm an assembly line for novels, a robotic machine that punches them out the same way every time. This ms deserves better than that.

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