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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I think today's going to be busy, too. I think this whole week may be busier than I thought.

Last night I reworked a little bit, keeping the new basic plan for that very first few pages in mind. Last night I was working on "modesty," which is kind of hard because I have to define it to mean diffident and unassuming rather than hiding your body parts, and I don't want to spend one split second more on explanation than I have to. Then I'm trying to figure out how to tie in an example of being semi-immodest. This example was part of a larger series of scenes a little later, but now I'm looking at whether I can break that series up and make it more than just pages and pages of la-di-dah skipping merrily along without tension or conflict. I don't know if the way I'm heading provides enough tension, but dang, it's got to be more than it was--which was ZERO.

Well, even if there's not enough tension, at least this is a step toward trying to get it.

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