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Monday, August 1, 2011

Worked on chapters 9, 10, and on into 11. Around 11 I get confused because I've got the two main plotlines going pretty good, but just ended a couple of hook-type events, so I need to pick up the tension again here with one of the other hook-type events. Without losing track of either of the two main plotlines.

It's very hard to remember what the reader may not know, and what s/he may be wondering about.

Also, I think I may keep undercutting myself because I like the bad guy a whole lot and am focusing more on his character than on stringing out what the MC doesn't know about him. He could be a huge help to plot tension, if I use him properly.

I feel guilty saying that. I don't want to "use" you, Bad Guy! I love you, and you deserve better than to be used. I promise, if I do end up having to use you, I will do my best to get the reader to cry.

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