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Friday, August 26, 2011

The he's-already-dead-scene has definitely become a death scene. Today I cringed at its smarminess and made the guy die right. Or at least die better.

Then I moved on into the "resolution" area of the book, which I haven't been that interested in, but now I started thinking about what would really happen, and I figured out a surprising thing or two that leaves the book ending with everybody in a slightly different place than I'd thought. I didn't write anything in order, though, just hopped around that chapter scribbling here and there.

Then I skipped back to a dialog in chapter 12 and fleshed that out a little, and then moved to flesh out a different dialog in chapter 13, and then I jumped ahead to 14 and wrote what the MC was really doing and thinking and saying while he was trying to figure out how to best kill a secondary character.

So, not much measurable work got done, but still it was a worthwhile and productive writing day.

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