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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spent today moving pieces around to try and get a grip on the big picture as I move on into the book. Now I've got the story tentatively sketched out through chapter 13 or so, and my sense is that I'm probably at the midpoint of the story. If so, the book's about like I thought and will end up at 300+ pages. (My guess right now is 300-350. I have nothing to base that on. It's just the way the ms feels to me.)

Right now the sketched-out chapters include pieces I've had sitting around for ages, waiting to be used. These mostly consist of backstory, the stories the characters tell each other, and dialog.

And my head is already on full overload from doing all this, but I want to try to jot down a list/outline of these sketched-out scenes, to help firm them up in my mind. At the moment they're so piecemeal and choppy, it'll take me forever, next writing session, to work myself back around to understanding what this all is supposed to mean. Right now I have a vague sense of how these bits can fit together to form a coherent flow, but I can tell my grasp of the material is going to evaporate as soon as I walk away from the computer and start thinking about something else.

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