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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worked on first of two slightly related scenes (same ones from yesterday). It was hard going at first, but by the end it felt like I was getting a grip on it. Lately, though, I can't count on that lasting. I could pick up tomorrow right where I left off tonight, and sit there gaping at it, utterly clueless. I'm having trouble getting any momentum going.

This morning I caught the last half* of Sword of Doom, and now must find a way to see the rest of it. Because I started it so late, I couldn't figure out who the MC was for a long time, but eventually saw that he was the bad guy, a cold, heartless killer. It was fascinating. His eyes were cold and dead, but there was this scene where he watched Toshiro Mifune foil the bad guy group's attempted ambush/assassination (of Toshiro Mifune), and you could see awe and self-doubt creeping in, just from the look on his (the bad guy MC's) face. But he didn't change, not for a second. His character remained consistent all the way to the very abrupt end of the movie. It looks fascinating--I'm still thinking about it, and I only saw half.

Plus, there's this great sword fight at the end, and I was watching it, and after a while I started thinking, Wow, is this all one take? I think it might have been, and if not it sure was a long one anyway. You could see the MC melting down both mentally and physically as it wore on and on. He was like an animal that's going to keep fighting with every last bit of energy it has, until the moment its heart stops beating. I need to see it again.

*Why, oh why, IFC, must you start Samurai Saturdays at 7:00 a.m.?

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