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Monday, July 6, 2009

Ah, I'm so aggravated over other people's blogs that I can't focus. "So stop reading them," you might say. But I have to do something to work around to writing, and reading cr*p online can actually be the quickest way to do it, if I don't get into researching historical tidbits or seeing who was in such-and-such movie and who was the guy who played his best friend and what other movies was he in. There are a very limited number of blogs I look at regularly, and coincidentally they're the ones that annoy me the most.* No, wait--it's not coincidental at all, because when someone stops consistently annoying me, I read them less and less regularly and eventually un-bookmark them, because what's the point?

Okay, I think I've calmed myself down. So. Yesterday I put chapters 4 and 5 back together, and it wasn't as horrible and pointless a session as I was dreading. I don't remember what I did, exactly, but I remember that I felt okay when I was finished.

I also realized (again) that sometimes it's best to get something right before jumping ahead (or moving on), because it's easy for me to pick up a little scenelet and get it all nicely worked out--then realize that the scenelet would never have happened in the first place. Without the stuff ahead of it being right, I pick up an idea that sounds reasonable and seemingly ought to come next--but it isn't reasonable and wouldn't come next.

OTOH, if I always go in order and everything has to be exactly right before I move on, I might as well sit in front of the computer and hit myself repeatedly in the head with a shovel instead, because I'll be EFFING MISERABLE either way, and at least the shovel will give my arms a good workout.

*Except Pepys**--but he's getting pretty bad, too, because his behavior re. women is getting worse and worse as he gets more money and climbs the social ladder.


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