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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have a voice for this sample, but now I'm wondering if I should see about switching it over from third person present to first person present. I'm wondering if I'm more comfortable with third person present because that's what the former GN is in (the swordfighting ms is first person past). I don't want to mess up my feel for my former GN, and I don't want w-f-h to encroach on the private WIP territory in my head.

I'm also wondering if first person present is more along the lines of what they're looking for. I would slit my wrists before I'd let anybody tell me how to approach my own from-the-ground up stuff, but w-f-h is a different compartment. The w-f-h compartment allows compromise. It has different goals; the object is to end up with a piece of writing that fills a preconceived need. In the w-f-h compartment, somebody else sets the parameters. I may push the parameters or bend or break them, and of course I have to figure out my own way to approach them--but I know that I don't have final say over anything. In my own private WIP compartment, I do it my way or I don't do it at all. There is no compromise; all my obligations are to the ms itself, and to the characters.

So anyway, I guess I'll try this out in both voices/styles and see which one seems to read better for this particular need.

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