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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Worked early this morning; got through another chapter or two. I vaguely speculate that yes, the character would say what he does a couple of chapters down the road--but I'll go through another chapter to be sure no red flags pop up.

I wanted to get all the way to the first turning point so that I could print out and mail the beginning to an offline writer friend who agreed to look at it so we could discuss--said WF has never seen any of the ms, and knows nothing about it, so this is a precious resource. But I can't send it till it's at least readable so we can try to figure out what's not working. If it's first-draft* clunky and unpruned, that will majorly get in the way of WF seeing it with clear eyes.

Since I'm not ready to go to the post office yet, college son will have to wait for his package of Skittles, growing-skeleton-and-mummy, and money. And Other Writer Friend will have to wait for delivery of two books, one of which I'm lending, one of which I'm returning after roughly five years (!). And Offline Writer Friend probably thinks I just said I'd send my WIP but lied. All these people cannot get their stuff until I do my job and get this ms moving. Sigh.

*Ha ha! "First draft"--I'm cracking myself up. How many first drafts has this thing had? Too f*cking many. I should quit and just go live under an interstate right now. I could use my computer as a pillow, or burn it for fuel.

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