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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Squeaked in a wee bit of writing yesterday, just enough to be able to say I did. Now today's almost over, but I'm turning my attention to figuring out what I want to chip away at next. I've lost all sense of what I was doing a few days ago, or whenever it was that I got good long satisfying hours of work in.

I think I want to look at fitting some of these bits together in a different order. With the way it's currently set up--every page is a discrete idea or scene; in other words, I'm doing the page breaks--time may flow a little differently than it does in a normal prose ms. Here there are no transitions except for page breaks and chapter headings, so maybe it's okay to split one sequence of events up and sprinkle it around in a way that would be confusing in regular prose. Perhaps here that will give a sense of time passing, because each page will clearly be a different day. I have an uneasy feeling about this area I'm working on right now, and today's theory is that this is caused by cramming a storyline about my MC's brothers going on a journey together in one long sequence of scenes, and a storyline about the MC leaving her bounded area together in one long sequence of scenes. I have moved these things around in the story for a while because I don't like where either of them is. So now I'm going to try breaking them up and interspersing them.

That may end up being as confusing as it would be in regular prose. There's no way to know till I try it and look at it on the paper.

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