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Monday, October 13, 2008

Back from trip. Caught up on laundry. Dogs home and bathed. Groceries shopped for; we have food.

I'm going to set the swordfighting ms aside and piddle around with my GN to un-GN it. I have to job hunt right now anyway, and that is not conducive to concentrating on the flow of a regular novel--the plotlines, character arcs, scene-setting, and transitions. However, it is conducive to playing with the bits and pieces of a GN-becoming-something-else.

Right now I'm going to work with each page being one separate idea. I want to play with the shape of the words on the page--or maybe it's just the margins I'm talking about; the character gets more and more boxed in as the story progresses. I'm not sure how the beginning should be, though. Also have no clue what to do with dialog. I'm thinking the myth stories will be just regular prose.

Maybe I need to think of the white space as a character, or as a mood. As oppression, maybe? And the words (or the space they take up on the page) represent my MC?

I have chapter headings somewhere; must pull them out and try to organize my thinking. One idea per page, but the chapter headings split the book into bigger ideas. I like the thought of a chapter heading on one page, stark in the middle all alone (no numbers, no "chapter," just the title of the section). I like the way that makes a reader quickly regroup; for some reason (IMO) it enables the reader to shift gears in an instant. It's sort of like a palate cleanser; you don't even have to think because the page preps you for the next course.

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