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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good writing day, and I'm not even finished yet.

Talked to a writer friend--will meet this weekend to discuss our WIPs and whatnot. There is nothing like digging into a good writing discussion with a kindred spirit.

As I was working through these scenes today, I began to step outside myself and see how it might look to an unsuspecting reader--and I felt little bubbles of semi-hysterical laughter rising inside. The poor reader is going to be reading along, and here's this midgrade historical young girl who just wants to have the same freedom the boys do. She's tired of being confined and suppressed, and she watches longingly as they practice with sword and spear, wishing she could try that in lieu of the incessant drudgery of spinning and weaving. And then this sweet old man appears, surprising her what follows naturally is that he sees her potential and becomes her mentor and secretly teaches her the way of the warrior, and in the end she shows her skill and saves the day and is accepted by all as an empowered role model.

Except in my ms, the old man molests her and she learns her lesson: this is what happens if you step outside your place in a male-dominated society that regards females as property.

I swear, I've put a good bit of sex and violence up front to warn people. But I'm not sure it's enough. I really think I need a title that warns people, too. I don't like to blindside readers. I want them to be aware of what they might be getting into. I'm not trying to trick anybody.

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