The reasons for this blog: 1. To provide basic author information for students, teachers, librarians, etc. (Please see sidebar) 2. I think out loud a lot as I work through writing projects, and I'm trying to dump most of those thoughts here rather than on my friends.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I was very bad a few days ago, because I worked a little on my own stuff as a break from the other writing-related projects I need to get done. Sometimes you think so much about one thing that it wears a groove into your brain and you have to switch gears to clear your head out so you can come back to your task with fresh energy. I should have switched to one of the other writing-related projects; that would have been the responsible thing to do.

Instead I opened a new file and started in on this idea my agent had--or rather, I took a couple of ideas Agent had and mixed them together and came at it from an angle that appeals to me. When you start something that way, you never know whether it's going to sputter out and die, or whether there's so little meat to it that you'll get it all out of your system then and there, or what.

I didn't get it out of my system, and today I checked out of curiosity, and in that one sitting I wrote nearly 3000 words in a few hours. That's a lot for me, on anything. And then last night I had to get out of bed and write stuff down that was coming into my head. I don't have time for this right now, but it looks like it'll be a book at some point, with any luck. I may turn to it after this time crunch is over in a few weeks, and see if I can pound the whole thing out, since it's pretty simple and fun and appealing (to me; not necessarily to anyone else).