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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yesterday I poked tentatively around in that gap in the middle of the ms, trying to figure out what needs to be said. Everything I did was prewriting, more like testing the ice to see if any of it will hold my weight. No, wasn't even that productive. It was more like glancing around to see if there's any ice starting to form that I might be able to test later. I didn't really do much of anything, but it's a nothing that has to be done so that the somethings can be done later. Plus, I've got enough of the front and end that I can start recognizing threads that might drive the middle and give me a direction for all these pieces that are just plot points right now.

I was thinking I need to get some readers to look at the first part and tell me what they feel by the end of it and what they expect or need next. But I'd have to clean it up some more first, and also I think I need a stronger footing myself, before I start listening to other opinions.

Now today I just wasted too much time driving my morale into the ground by looking at internet cr*p about many new books are out there and coming out soon and how great they are and how much they're selling and just general name-dropping up the wazoo. So. Must shake all that off and get to work. I sure would like to get the Menelaus section set, get the order of the scenes exactly right, and figure out what I can cut, and make it rise and build. If I play my cards correctly, I could make the reader cry. That would be nice--don't know if it's possible, though. One man's tearjerker is another man's sapfest.

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