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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yesterday I only got to work for about an hour. I tried to work on the Menelaus section, but couldn't get the scenes lined up in the right order so that they flow and build. I need to get a grip on the big picture for that section, and maybe the one after it (what used to be one long Menelaus section is now several sections, still all about him), so that I can understand what I'm trying to accomplish. When I'm in the middle of a page, it seems to flow into the next one, but then I get to a third page and suddenly realize I've moved away from the point I was heading toward.

I'm not sure whether to print out and read for an overview, or to just skim on the screen and see if I have a better grip now that it's a fresh new writing day. I guess I'll take a quick look and see what I feel like doing.

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