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Friday, November 13, 2009

Today in the former GN I tried to develop one certain piece of a thread, but I think I went off on a mini-tangent and most of the day's work will need to be deleted. So that s*cks.

Yesterday was better--no big progress, but I went through a big hunk of the ms, straightening and tidying and making things flow more clearly.

Still, I would like to do some more work tonight so that I can feel I accomplished something today, but it's been one of those days, family-stuff-wise, so maybe I'll just blow it off, tell myself I'm rewarding myself by blowing it off, and start afresh tomorrow.

Side note: Samurai Gold Seekers is on tomorrow. This was on not too long ago under one of its other titles, Sword of the Beast. That's okay, because I liked it and don't mind seeing it again. Something to think about: the story opens with the MC being chased/hunted. We don't know who he is or why. Then, for a while, all we hear about him is the bad stuff he did that makes him an outlaw and fugitive. Only later do we find out his side of the story. So the movie opens with a chase--tension and conflict--and the story comes after, and then the real story and backstory and character development comes later. I think this may have been what I was trying to do in the first version of my swordfighting ms--but it didn't work. I wonder why it works here, but not in my ms.

I think it must be easier for me to notice these things when a movie isn't in English. Something about not having to listen frees up other parts of my mind or something.

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