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Monday, November 16, 2009

A writer friend sent a link to another one of those industry blogs where the editor/agent/assistant/marketing person/janitor gripes anonymously about whatever. This time it was a rant about wimpy girl MCs, and it appeared to be written by another twenty-something upper-middle-class suburbanite who hightailed it to NYC as soon as the ink on her college diploma was dry and is now passive-aggressively taking out her frustrations on anyone who looks like they can't do any damage back. The alarming thing about this is that I thought the wimpy girl MC rant train left the station several years ago. Is this person just not much of a reader, or has she not kept up with industry discussions--or, horror of horrors, has there been so much turnover in publishing that we've got a whole new crop of people to whom this is new, and who are going to back us all up so that we have to start all over with lame 2-D kickass grrls written by wimpy female writers who think picking up a sword is enough to make you Strong and A Role Model so that you don't have to any icky stuff that involves bad smells or unpleasant noises or intestines/arteries/lungs in general?

I thought we had hit that mark already and were starting to move on with something a little more three-dimensional. For g*d's sake, people, if you're going to push violence, PUSH IT!!!! I've got no problem with most violence in books/movies/video games, and I say Follow your thoughts through to their natural conclusion. Sh*t or get off the pot. That is all.

This actually did have to do with my writing today, but I'll move to a new post so this one gets at least a little buried. Or who knows, maybe I'll take it down. Or...not.

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