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Monday, June 16, 2008

Fleshed out quite a bit of next-to-last chapter, to the point of dividing it into two chapters. But I'm happy with it at the moment because the first part ends on a nice hook, and that's one big thing I'm trying to do here.

The entire point in starting this book was trying to write something with an actual plot. But that's expanded into trying to write something that rips along like crazy, so that the reader will have a hard time putting it down. While also keeping my interest in writing it, which is another matter entirely. It's been one h*ll of a stretch for me to write story and plot rather than character. I think maybe I haven't quite succeeded. But I'm learning a lot from it; pretty much every day I learn something or encounter a new problem that requires another stretch.

"I would rather have the two hundred and fifty-six imperfect books that mark the vectors of my journey through my art form than to have one perfect book that marks nothing but its own perfect self."--Barry Moser

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