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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No writing today. I did see a blog entry by another writer that freaked me out. It was explaining how to do something, because the writer now understands and has mastered that aspect of writing. The writer listed some of the things that other writers must understand, to master the aspect themselves. I was like, no wonder I can't just sit down and write a book! The stuff on the list never even crosses my mind! The stuff on the list is clearly, clearly, something a master writer would have already absorbed into his/her very pores. And yet, I don't even notice it. This is why I'm a Lose. Er.

I guess if I had to make a list, it would be more from the point of view of just write whatever feels right, then read it over and ask yourself:

1. Does this bore me?

2. Does this confuse me?

Then pin down where, and try to figure out why. Then try to think what to do about it.*

I was going to add "Of course, this approach has not served me well," because I'm befuddled and groping my way along most of the time. But in the big picture, maybe this approach has served me okay. I've published what, six or seven books? OTOH, I'm not particularly well established, and I sure as hell ain't rich. So I guess it depends on your outlook, and your goals.

*I guess there would be a third thing:

3. Does it make me want to read on?

That sort of falls under "does it bore me," but not really, because you can have a chapter that really moves and isn't dull at all, but it can still end with the reader sticking in a bookmark and going to bed and not being interested enough to pick the book up again the next day. I think "wanting to read on" can just be about the right chapter hook, but it can also be about larger questions developed over the course of the ms.

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