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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I thought I was going to write while I was sick, but it turned out that sitting up was not an option. Now it's more of an option, but I am suddenly stricken with the extremely grumpy feeling that everything I'm working on is unutterably* dull.

I pulled up the former GN but am too tired and grumpy to even start to figure out what to do with it now. Then I tried to read through the swordfight ms beginning I'd printed out to take to jury duty (which I ended up not even looking at because first I had to stand waiting for two hours and then I was too out-of-it from standing waiting for two hours to care about reading over my own stuff). But tonight I just can't get interested in it, and not knowing whether I can't get interested because I'm grumpy or because it really is uninteresting makes me even more grumpy.

I think I should just spend the rest of the evening wallowing in grumpiness in hopes of getting it out of my system by tomorrow. I think this day is a lost cause.

*It figures that spell check is saying that "inutterably" is wrong. "Unutterably" ought to be wrong. It sounds like the name of a cookie. And I didn't even ask spell check for an opinion. It decided to be snotty all on its own.

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