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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No writing (of my own). Family snags, plus sudden w-f-h projects. I'm under short deadlines, so don't know whether I will get to work on any of my own stuff this weekend or next week, or the next. Might, might not. This w-f-h project looks kind of fun, though. Great editor, too.


Great w-f-h editor

clear about what is required (it's okay if specs/deadlines change; comes with the territory)
focus is on engaging readers as much as meeting specs
pays decent w-f-h wages (in proportion to the quality of writing that's expected)
pays promptly

Great trade editor

doesn't reword my stuff*
doesn't set mss aside for too long then shorten my deadlines to make up for it
spends more time explaining what's not working and why than suggesting fixes*
says so when a piece of the ms touches him/her emotionally
pays promptly

This is just based on what I actually see while working with editors. Who knows what the poor souls are really doing behind the scenes on behalf of their writers. Better we don't know, I'm sure. The glimpses I have gotten are not pretty.

*YMMV. Some writers prefer more hands-on direction.

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