The reasons for this blog: 1. To provide basic author information for students, teachers, librarians, etc. (Please see sidebar) 2. I think out loud a lot as I work through writing projects, and I'm trying to dump most of those thoughts here rather than on my friends.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I decided I'm going to work on my own stuff today, and was looking forward to it. I pulled up the file and realized I've lost track of what I was doing amid all the outside things filling my head, so will have to read over from the beginning to get a feel for flow. Now I'm dreading working on it, because what if it's awful? What if I see that (once again) it's not right from the very beginning? What am I supposed to do then? I've rewritten the damn thing three thousand times already.

Well. Nothing to do but face it. This is what I've chosen over punching a time clock. So far, this still looks better than the time clock, although the way I feel right now, a three-thousand-and-first time may tip the scales toward flipping burgers or stocking shampoo.

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