The reasons for this blog: 1. To provide basic author information for students, teachers, librarians, etc. (Please see sidebar) 2. I think out loud a lot as I work through writing projects, and I'm trying to dump most of those thoughts here rather than on my friends.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got some writing in this morning; just sketching out a scene and trying to figure out what it can do and not do, what is needed and not needed. Got a little sidetracked by looking up names and checking some info, but not too much. The main thing that has thrown today off is that I finally started reading a book a writer friend sent a couple of weeks ago, and it's right up my alley and I don't want to put it down. It's very rare that YA fiction makes me feel this way; mostly I am too messed up by constant writing and rewriting to be able to lose myself in fiction, especially YA. Plus, I don't have time to read books in large enough chunks of time to enjoy fiction. Nonfiction is much easier to enjoy in snippets of reading time here and there.

I may try to gallop through the rest of this book tonight, even though that means skimming, because I've got a lot of stuff I have to do tomorrow, and if I indulge myself by reading "just a little bit more" tomorrow morning, I'll either be late or not get everything finished.

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