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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Very tired. Worked anyway, and actually got a rhythm going. Hopefully it's a real rhythm and not just glibness. Sometimes you reread and realize that what you wrote sounds like a sitcom. Yesterday I ended unhappily, feeling as if I'd veered farther and farther off track, but today when I skimmed over yesterday's work it didn't look so bad. It looked like I only went a little off at the end. So I just cut the end and started from there. Now I've got a mess on my hands, snippets of stuff forming chunks of several different scenes, but it feels like a good mess; something I can work with. I hope it continues to feel that way.

In annoying-trivia-news, wtf is that Kid Rock song? It's everywhere, and it ought to be Werewolves of London but it's not. Why can't we just hear Werewolves of London over and over? What's the difference between homage and plagiarism? Well, permissions, I guess. Kid Rock has permission. Okay, so what's the difference between homage and stale inane watering-down of the original? This is actually quite pertinent to me, because I may very well be writing a stale inane watered-down Dumas-ish type thing right now. Plus, I'd certainly be willing to deliberately write a stale inane watered-down copy of something if it puts food on the table. I'm not proud. Not to name names, but somebody's gotten rich as Croesus doing stale watered-down Tolkien. However, I suppose that since there's no way to predict the marketing sweet spot, it's best to just keep one's head down and focus on one's own work.

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