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Monday, September 22, 2008


Didn't really do any writing yesterday. Family stuff, plus there are some writerly obligations coming up that I have to get ready for. Today I am plugging, plodding, trudging--pludging--along, not in the later chapter with the scene-setting, but in the earlier chapter that establishes characters, relationships and motivations for that later bit. And may I just say, Ugh.

I'm used to secondary characters who don't have to be in sharp focus 100% of the time because they are in service to the MC's story. They have their own real, full lives, but they can be like the guy at the edge of a Degas painting that's half cut off while the ballerinas are in the middle doing their thing. I hadn't realized till now that even though I work hard to use my secondary characters to fullest extent, they're still not extensively developed. And this ms is a real beeyotch because every time I slide over somebody just for a second to concentrate on somebody else, I accidentally drop one or another thread (plot, character, or theme) and get off track.

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