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Monday, September 1, 2008

There's never been any question that I have some kind of plotting disability. I can't even retain information about plotting; my brain turns into a sieve. The irony of this struck me particularly just now, after a long day of writing where I have no idea whether I accomplished anything or not, because I noticed I'd put a sticky note next to my Diet Pepsi coaster. The sticky note says (sic in advance): "plot: result of choices made by characters: the characters take action (or don't) and events happen as a result." The irony? I have published six YA novels of my own. I am just coming off a Printz honor. And yet I have this sticky note defining plot, which I apparently wrote to myself sometime in the past couple of months (I know this because it's a Shonen Jump sticky note, which I picked up at ALA), and which I just now read as if I'd never seen it before. Wha??? Plot is the result of the characters' choices? Who knew? Not me!

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