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Saturday, August 2, 2008

No actual writing today. Lots of thinking and taking notes. I feel I can't proceed unless I can get my mind wrapped around a bigger picture of what I need to do. I've got some notes scribbled down about the girl character, and the other two major characters including the MC. It is clear to me that this ms is in three sections, with the first third and last third having movement (or rather, the first third doesn't have movement yet, but it will) and the middle third lying there like a dead fish. I need to think how to use this middle third to further everyone's arcs, explain what the reader needs to know, keep tension up, and keep the reader hooked. I knew this middle third was a problem, but was hoping the problem would disappear if I went about my business as if it wasn't there. But it is still there, and must be dealt with.

Am glancing over Syd Field's paradigm, to see if anything he says about breaking the middle third into two parts will help me, or perhaps spark an idea.

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