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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I wonder if it would be helpful to think of the MC's inner journey in three parts. It is in three parts, I just sort of lost them in the outer stuff. Maybe I should stop and think about the first turning point, especially. Right now I have the outer turning point, then his choice and inner turning point buried in a quiet internal-thinking scene in the middle. Maybe I need to look at how one might drive the other (how the outer drives the inner) and see if they can be tied together in dialog with another person. I also want to consider the father character more, because even though he's dead, he's been more of an inspirational point than a human being. If my MC moves from naivete to deeper understanding, perhaps he needs to understand that something about his father was complicated.

Or perhaps it's just a matter of moving from "I'm going to act now because I said I would," to "I'm going to act now because I believe it's the right thing to do." Or rather, moving from fulfilling a promise given in a moment of grief and not very well thought out, to a fuller commitment given with a deeper understanding.

That sure does sound boring. Dunno. Sigh.

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