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Saturday, August 9, 2008

I think part of my problem is that I'm used to thinking of scenes in terms of "what's the point" emotionally. So now I've got scenes that exist to get characters from point A to point B, or because a certain thing has to happen. I don't have any practice in handling scenes that way. I guess I need to try to meld the two ways of thinking.

Or maybe it's more helpful not to think of it as melding, but as layering. Start with the plot, then go back and decide what's one point I want to make. Layer that on, then do it again--if it can be done. Too much, and it will bog the story down.

Only now that I consider more carefully, a lot of what I have re. getting characters from point A to point B isn't necessary. It could be handled in quick little transitional paragraphs. But I have it in there so I can cram my info in. And that's why the book isn't moving, especially through the middle. Which I'm not even to. yet.

Blah, my brain. Blah.

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