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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmm, this is interesting. Already I can tell I'm going to have to back off and look at what I have, pull it apart and rethink it as separate bits of info: the dialog, the inner commentary, the backstory, etc. Then I'll have to see whether I can put them back together differently. Perhaps the backstory will be like a separate little story with a "voice over" as one of the characters tells about it--that would take out most of the dialog. And what about the inner commentary that tells us the MC's current situation and his feelings about that situation? Maybe it can be hinted at in a single panel of, say, a framed photo, while the dialog is going on. I also see that the dialog can be juxtaposed with captions in the same frames, that would show us the MC's real, frantic thoughts belying his calm, screw-you words.

Who knows? Lots to think about, and my brain is fried. Today's been a long day.

I have to say, I've been very reluctant to try this route for business reasons that I won't go into, but that mean this story will probably be unsellable as a GN. I'd guess there's a 90% chance it can't sell as a GN. But if it does want to be a GN, that makes the project pure fun exploration on my part.

And that is actually quite freeing. You know, aside from the factors of starvation and foreclosure and my family living in a van down by the river. Aside from all that, it would be truly exciting if this wants to be a GN, because if it can't sell then there's no pressure at all to get it right. I guess we'll see. I could get stuck again as soon as I get through this first part. If that happens, I swear I'm gonna set it aside.

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