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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yesterday I worked a little bit on a scene from the middle of the dystopian, but it wasn't feeling right. I decided I needed to get a sense of what went before and work up to that part, so today I picked up at the last place where I'd left off chronologically (where my MC is going to beat the h#ll out of a guy). 

This got me thinking about the way that area of the book was structured, and I realized that what felt wrong yesterday was the order of events; the piece I was working on didn't feel like it flowed from the events right before it. So I rethought that portion of the story and moved the scenes around, getting them into a lineup that feels better to me. Now, at this moment, it all seems workable. 

If it is workable, I'll have well over a hundred pages of the book done once I get this next part smoothed into cohesive scenes. Will have to wait and see, though. 

I also had the thought that I should remember to tentatively plan to alternate exciting stuff with slower info-heavy chapters. I don't think this is possible all the way through, but if I keep it in mind as the goal, it should help keep me on track. 

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