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Friday, July 22, 2011

Realized I need to get some of the early middle part of the book written out, just for the sake of getting a better grip on the main antagonist. I wanted to write a scene I haven't so much as touched yet, where he (the main antagonist) comes to visit the MC's home. But before I even started, I saw that it'd be futile to try to write my way into it without having a decent feel for an earlier scene--namely, the antagonist's first appearance in the book. I've had pieces of this earlier introductory scene for some time, but most of them dance around this guy. Mostly they just pin down some of the blocking as well as a simpler, more minor character who doesn't have such a huge effect on the story.

So I started tackling this main antogonist's on-scene introduction, and never got to the new scene I wanted to try out. Maybe tomorrow. Today's writing went pretty well as far as sketching out stuff, giving me a good base to work from, so it was a good writing day.

I'll be disappointed if I get to the new scene and find that something's off and it's not workable. I hope it's okay. I suspect I'll be writing flashes of it, not a start-to-finish sketch, but we'll see.

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