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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am getting opinions on first chapter (of dystopia ms) and a cr*ppy draft of the synopsis. I hate writing synopses. Bleh.

Started a new scene, a violent one, but I will have two scenes that are similarly constructed, one earlier in the ms and one later, and I need to think which one shows what. What does each one do in the story, what is its job? They're both about the MC hurting someone. I can't get a bead on whether he's mad or cold about it in this first scene, whether it's deliberate or in anger--because right now the big difference between the two scenes is going to be in how the MC is when he comes home after he beats the h*ll out of a guy (well, in the second one he'll kill the guy, probably). In one of the scenes, he suppresses and ignores his distress about what he's done. But which one?

Was also thinking about former GN. How do you show that something's at stake, when nothing external is at stake? When everything would be perfectly fine if the MC continued on in the same manner for the rest of her life? That's the problem: what I want to say is that it's not fine--not with me, anyway. It's fine in the eyes of the world, though. Hmm.