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Friday, December 26, 2008

No writing on the 24th. Yesterday I had some time in the evening, but spent it all on trying to plan out a w-f-h project. I did think about my WIP yesterday when I took Tyson for a walk, and had the idea of cutting one of the characters and replacing her with a new one. This came about because I was thinking about some of the legends that are different from what I've chosen to use. One of them involves this new character coming in--and I was thinking that I don't have any room for a new character. But then I thought, Hey, this other character doesn't do anything till later in the story anyway. The new character can take over her personality and story-job and then I won't feel so overwhelmed with so many people up front. Essentially it'd be the same person, just cast in a slightly different role.

But I dunno. It has its pros and cons. I don't have a strong certainty about it either way right now, although I'm leaning toward trying it because it might ease the way for my big trouble spot, which is that traumatic event that changes the tenor of the story.

Right now, though, I think I'll pull up my Menelaus parts and see if I can find the notes I wrote about them, which are pretty well intermingled with notes about w-f-h somewhere in the red spiral notebook, I'm pretty sure. Must check. I think I put all my tutoring notes in the yellow spiral, and maybe some notes about this WIP, but not the Menelaus notes.

Sigh. I need an office with a lot of desks and shelves. And office supplies--lots of cool pens and sticky notes and notebooks. Although that will not prevent me from reusing the kids' leftover spiral notebooks from school, because I can't stand throwing away barely-used notebooks with lots of nice clean paper to write on.

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