The reasons for this blog: 1. To provide basic author information for students, teachers, librarians, etc. (Please see sidebar) 2. I think out loud a lot as I work through writing projects, and I'm trying to dump most of those thoughts here rather than on my friends.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last night I printed out the first 50 or so pages. Read most of them over first thing this morning, hoping to get a feel for where that new piece needed to go. Instead I got a better feel for what I need to do with what's already there, so I ended up reworking earlier stuff instead. I consider this a good day's work, and would like to keep at it, but I've got to quit and deal with non-writing tasks. I hope I can dig back in tomorrow where I left off. Eventually I should work my way back to that new piece and with a great deal of luck (!) I'll understand more about where to put it and what to do with it.

The reason I'm not disappointed with rehashing today instead of working with the new bit is that this particular rehashing is also about building tension and raising the stakes. Not in a huge way, but at the moment it feels like a nice tweak, perhaps enough to keep the reader turning pages without messing up the flow of the story.

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