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Friday, March 5, 2010

Belatedly got one w-f-h assignment sent in today (two more pending, and packets start up again on Monday). Today I had enforced writing time in the library, and wrote I don't know how much, maybe 2-3000 worth of new stuff on the dystopian ms. I know the MC, the problem, the theme, at least five other characters by personality and function in the story, and a whole bunch of scenes or snippets of scenes that need to happen.

I find this very annoying, because I have worked my you-know-what off on the former GN, and it's probably not any good right now, and I've also worked my you-know-what off on the swordfighting ms, and I know it's not any good right now. I wish something about them would flow effortlessly onto the page.

The only reason I'm not bored with the dystopian ms already is that I don't know which scenes actually need to be in it, or what their function is (the order they should come in) and I don't know what the climax needs to be. I kind of know where I want to end up, but that's the resolution, the last scene. I notice some of the characters aren't there, so maybe that means I get to kill them off. Or maybe they will end up there, who knows.

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